The Film

Kalpana Biswas with Rangina Hamidi

Rangina Hamidi, Afghan-American activist and entrepreneur with Kalpana Biswas.

Kalpana Biswas with Anbassador Ronald Neumann

Ambassador Ronald Neumann, former US Ambassador to Afghanistan,  argues aginst project-based aid in Afghanistan – with Kalpana Biswas.

“Jewels of Kandahar” is a documentary film in progress that tells the story of how a network of 400 war-weary Afghan widows and needy women have broken local tradition to earn a living to save their families.

Kandahar is the spiritual homeland of the notorious Taliban.  The women work for a handicrafts business – Kandahar Treasure — founded by Rangina Hamidi, an Afghan-American graduate of University of Virginia. New systems are rapidly being put in place as the country braces for the imminent pull-out of US troops in 2014.

Where will these women be in 2015? The camera follows Rangina and 10 of her women in their fight for survival.